Gamaya, a Swiss crop intelligence AgTech startup, further strengthens its management team and accelerates its transformation to a product-centric organization by appointing a senior executive Jérôme Caillaud as its Chief Product Officer.

Jérôme is an accomplished professional and leader with extensive experience in delivering customer-centric software, GIS, and data-driven products…

A Short History of Spectral Imaging in Agriculture

Remote sensing using drones, satellites and sensors in fields has revolutionized agriculture around the world, making it possible to understand what is happening to crops day-by-day and year-on-year.

NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) has been around since the 1970s and is the most commonly used remote sensing indicator. Drones and…

Ricardo Bendzius, Head of Gamaya Brazil

Gamaya is proud to announce the appointment of Ricardo Bendzius, a former executive at RiceTec and Monsanto, as Head of Brazil, establishing a direct presence in Brazil to manage growing activities in the region.

The company launched its commercial activities in sugarcane and tobacco in Brazil in 2018 and intend…

Switzerland is known to have a unique and well-established drone ecosystem, thanks to the canton of Vaud. Engineering quality, government support, top technological universities, export-oriented mindset, open-minded aviation authorities, global standards — all that contributes to the development of the fast-growing drone ecosystem in Switzerland. Are there any other newly…

Ivanov Igor

multipotentialite aiming to make agriculture great again!

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